A GARNANT caravan which is an ‘accident waiting to happen’ is still in place, more than three years after it was abandoned – and more than a year after an enforcement notice was issued.

County councillor Kevin Madge recently told the South Wales Guardian that the abandoned caravan in Penyrallt is still in place and the council has done nothing about it.

Cllr Madge states that the caravan was dumped by a man from Swansea. In February 2022, we reported that an enforcement notice was issued to the owner of the land requesting that the caravan was removed within 28 days but the caravan remains in place.

“It is near a play area and the public have had a gutsful,” he told the South Wales Guardian.

“All I have had from the council is they tried to get more information. I keep sending emails and getting responses saying they are getting more information.

“The planning department and enforcement have something to answer for.”

He highlights the potential danger as children play nearby, saying that it has been vandalised on a number of occasions and is an accident waiting to happen.

“It should not be there and is dangerous. I am really frustrated. It seems it takes something big to happen before something is done and that is what I am worried for, that something will happen. It’s unbelievable.”

He previously told us: “The people who live around it in Penyrallt have had to look out at this horrific thing for over two years and it’s high time it was moved.”

Carmarthenshire County Council were contacted on May 25 by the South Wales Guardian on this issue but have yet to receive a response at the time of writing.