An unsightly caravan that was dumped on land in Garnant nearly three years ago "has got to go".

This was the message conveyed by county councillor Kevin Madge this week when he urged the carvan's owner to remove his vehicle immediately.

"We want it to go ASAP," he said. 

"The people who live around it in Penyrallt have had to look out at this horrific thing for over two years and it's high time it was moved.  A man from Swansea dumped it here, probably because he wanted it removed from his own property, but why should the poor people of Penyrallt have to suffer it?"

Cllr Madge also fears that the caravan's condition poses a danger to the children who play nearby.

"There's a playground just behind and it's been vandalised on a number of occasions and my concern is that it's an accident waiting to happen."

Cllr Madge added that local residents have said the caravan is having a negative effect on the local community.  

Enforcement officers have issued a notice to the land owner requesting that the caravan is removed within 28 days; planning permission on the vehicle has lapsed which means it is no longer allowed to remain on the land.

If the owner fails to remove it within 28 days, an enforcement notice may be served.