The latest crime statistics have shown that crime is on the rise in Ammanford, as nearly 70 crimes were reported within one month, according to the numbers from

In the town, there was a total of 69 crimes reported in one month (March 2022), the latest figures show.

The most common type of crime reported was violence and sexual offences.

The most common crimes reported in Ammanford in March 2022 are:

  • Violence and sexual offences – 29
  • Criminal damage and arson – 8
  • Public order offences – 8
  • Anti-social behaviour offences – 5

These statistics make March 2022 the most crime-heavy month in Ammanford across the previous 12-month period, with 67 crimes reported in November 2021 and 62 in July 2021 and October 2021.

Meanwhile, Ammanford has seen 168 crimes reported in 2022, with 41 reported in January and 58 in February.