More than 600 crimes were committed in Ammanford last year, according to the latest statistics from

There were 603 crimes committed in the town across the whole of 2021, with 232 of those (38.5 per cent) being violence or sexual offences.

Anti-social behaviour accounted for 108 (17.9 per cent) crimes in Ammanford last year, while criminal damage or arson was 67 (11.1 per cent) of the crimes.

The most crime-heavy month in Ammanford for 2021 was November, where 67 crimes were committed, with 185 (30.7 per cent) being committed accumulatively in the last three months of the year.

There was also 56 public order offences(9.3 per cent), 42 drug offences (seven per cent), 35 shoplifting cases (5.8 per cent) and 19 burglaries (3.2 per cent) which occurred in the town throughout the calendar year.