This week's letters to land in the South Wales Guardian's mailbag.

Don’t let them get off with undemocratic tactics

I FEEL it’s my democratic duty to draw your readers’ attention to the shameful antics of the majority of Independent and Labour members at last week’s meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council.

As leader of the opposition, I’ve encouraged placing Members’ Questions on the council agenda in an attempt to engender openness and transparency by holding executive board members to account, pending the outcome of the WLGA Report into the council’s governance, which will hopefully recommend doing exactly that.

Although a visiting member of the public may ask a question followed by a supplementary question if the reply is not clear or adequate, elected councillors do not have this right.

The constitution limits us to one question only, whilst giving the executive board member the right to speak for several minutes.

In order to get around this ludicrous anomaly, at last week’s meeting I asked for a suspension of standing orders to allow supplementary questions and a full debate on matters which were of importance and of consequence to the electorate of Carmarthenshire.

All Plaid members supported the motion, but it fell because most of the Independent and Labour members voted against.

This was not a party political issue, but an opportunity for all councillors to exercise their democratic responsibilities.

The Independent and Labour members who rejected the motion were disqualifying themselves of the right to represent their wards and the people who voted for them.

Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind!

In order to ensure that this sorry episode is not repeated, I would urge your readers to inquire as to whether their councillor was amongst the guilty and call on all interested parties to watch the live webcast of next month’s council meeting, at which I will be proposing the exact same motion once again.

Councillor Emlyn Dole

(Leader of the Plaid Cymru Group)


Tell us about those exceptional people

I AM writing to ask readers of the South Wales Guardian to join me in nominating people that they think should be recognised with a Welsh Government St David Award.

The St David Awards were established to recognise the great deeds and contributions made by people from all walks of life in Wales.

I’m asking your readers to nominate the exceptional people, teams or groups they believe are going that extra mile to benefit others and the country in general.

There are nine categories: Bravery; Citizenship; Culture; Enterprise; Innovation and Technology; Sport; Young Person; International and my Special Award, which I choose.

Nominations for a St David Award must be received by midnight on 28 October 28.

The judging panel, chaired by Lord Rowe Beddoe, includes: the chairwoman of Sports Wales, Professor Laura McAllister; the director of the Urdd, Efa Gruffudd Jones; as well as past Award winner Robin Jones.

For further information on how to nominate, visit

First Minister of Wales

Carwyn Jones


Cash constraints should not affect children

WHAT devastating news the parents of Ysgol Cwmgors have just received.

It is an absolute shame that Ysgol Cwmgors may close, and their children will be forced to go to a different school which, in my opinion, is not fair on them.

I understand the financial constraints that every council across Wales isare facing.

However, allowing such restraints to affect the education of the innocent is extremely upsetting.

I fully support the parents and their campaign to keep the school open.

But I’m sure, as with most small traditional Welsh schools, I fear their days are numbered.

Mrs Evans.



Support has helped us to widen our audience

We at Brynamman Public Hall Cinema would like to thank you for the ongoing support given to our social media platforms.

Your support has helped push the cinema into the technological age, where we can reach wider audiences in the hope of securing the cinema’s future.

Thank you

Brynamman Public Hall Cinema


Do you have experience of group condition?

I AM currently researching an article for a journal in relation to Founder Member Syndrome or Founders Syndrome, especially when concerning community groups and non-profit organisations.

If anyone has any direct experience of these matters, please get in touch: all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

I can be contacted by email at

Eifion Rogers