Penygroes cricketers had a good weekend in the sun in the Cricket Wales softball competition.

Battling rivals Wildboar Centurions, they scored 99 runs in 16 overs, losing seven wickets and earning a net score of 264.

Restrained by Penygroes's excellent bowling, the Wildboars only managed to score 78 runs, losing 10 wickets and concluding with a net score of 228.

The triumphant Penygroes team defeated their rivals by 36 runs and earning 18 points.

Prior to the win of the Centurions, Penygroes beat Aberaeron by 18 runs. Aberaeron however, won against the Wildboars by 36 runs.

Penygroes celebrate taking a wicketPenygroes celebrate taking a wicket (Image: Stuart Ladd)

Penygroes saw off Wildboar CenturionsPenygroes saw off Wildboar Centurions (Image: Stuart Ladd)

Penygroes celebrate another wicketPenygroes celebrate another wicket (Image: Stuart Ladd)