FRIENDSHIP CLUB - The friendship club’s September meeting was the 25th with 40 present and 15 apologies. To start the meeting chairperson Mary Jackson introduced this month’s speaker Mrs Sarah Rochira, Older Persons Commissioner for Wales. Mary gave a short talk on the history of the club. Mrs Rochira then spoke of her work as a Commissioner in Wales and talked about the older persons contribution to the communities in Wales. This was followed by quite a debate between Mrs Rochira and club members. It was an excellent meeting ending with president Mr Stan Bough thanking Mrs Rochira for coming. Chairperson Mary has received a thank you from the League of Friends Llandovery for the club’s donation of £200 towards the new X-ray machine. The harvest festival service for the club is on October 9 all monies collected will be divided between Cancer research and Llandingat church.

Meeting ended at 4pm. Western trip is on Friday, October 18 bus to leave town at 10.30am usual stopping places.

CYLCH CINIO CYMREAG LLANYMDDYFRI - Cynhelir cyfarfod cyntaf y tymor newydd yng Ngwesty'r Kings Head ar nos Iau 17fed Hydref am 7.30yh.

Y siaradwr gwadd fydd Mr Kevin Campell Llanarthney. Croeso cynnes iawn i'r holl aelodau ac i aelodau newydd.

LLANFAIR SURGERY FLU SEASON 2013 - Llanfair Surgery is offering no appointment necessary service at the following times and places:

Llandovery - in the Castle Hotel (Tuesday, October 15) at 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2pm – 5pm.

Llangadog - in the Community Hall (Wednesday, October 9) at 9.30am -12.30pm.

Vaccination is free for our registered patients who fit the criteria below.

(Other surgeries make their own arrangements). We are only supplied with enough vaccinations to give to this group of people: Anyone aged 65 and over or anyone aged 6 months to 64 years old who:

•has a disease which affects their lungs, heart, liver or kidneys

•has Diabetes

•has a neurological illness

•has a friend or relative who relies on them for their care

•is pregnant or

•takes medicine which suppresses their immune system.