STICK SHOW - The Cross Hands and District Stick Makers Association, will be holding their annual Stick Show & Craft Demonstration's on Saturday, October 26 at New Cross Hands Working Men’s Club.

Doors Open 11am, Admission £2.

There will also be exhibitions and demonstrations in the following crafts: Stick Making, Woodturning, Love Spoons, Paintings, Wood Carving, Basket Making, Halter Making and Knife Sharpening.

The Cross Hands Stick Show is one of the biggest Stick Shows in Britain, and with the sticks on display, having been made, by some of the finest stick makers in the country.

For further information call Clive on 01269 844450.

COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING - The Llannon Community Council meeting this month will be on October 23 as opposed to October 16.