CATCH FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT - CATCH (Cwmtawe Action To Combat Hardship) issued its first food pack on June 4.

September 4 is therefore, in effect, Catch’s first ‘quarter-day’.

In that three month period, Catch has given out 37 food packs in all, to a nominal total of 47 adults and 15 children, (nominal, because some individuals have benefited more than once). The 37 packs were made up of 1137 items – tins, jars, bottles, packets. Taking into account both the number of people helped, and the various sizes of pack – mainly 2 or 5 day – this amounts to 246 ‘Person-fed-days’ (PFDs). 21 of those 37 food packs have been issued in the most recent period, August 5 to September 5. In this period, Catch has given out packs to support 26 adults and 5 children, a total of 125 PFDs - so averaging (for the first time) 4 PFDs per calendar-day over the month. The 21 packs have been made up of 661 items.

Over the whole three months of operation, Catch workers have date-marked, sorted and stored 3901 items, assigning them to one of 45 categories out of which the food packs are structured, and entered them up to a computerised stock-sheet.

The stock-sheet shows that Catch currently has 2764 items accessioned and entered up, and in hand, and in addition there is currently still a significant amount of stock awaiting this processing.