A "shooting star" was spotted in UK skies in the early hours of Saturday (December 30) morning.

Stunned Brits have taken to social media sharing footage of what looks to be a meteor as it made it way across the night sky.

Posts on X (formerly Twitter) reported seeing what some are calling a "shooting star" streaking across skies over London and Birmingham. 

While more sightings were reported in Reading, Norfolk and Shrewsbury, according to the Daily Mail.

WATCH: Brits share footage of "shooting star" in UK skies

People across the UK have taken to social media to share footage and their experiences of the meteorite.

People who caught a glimpse of the shooting star have described it as "very bright" and a "blueish-green" colour.

One user on X posted a video of the meteorite over London, while commenting: "What an incredible moment of seeing a meteorite over in London whilst driving on A13.

"It was like a shooting star but in 4K 10x Zoom so glad that someone’s camera caught it."

Another stargazer added: "Shooting star in the UK tonight around 2AM thank God for Twitter I seriously thought I was seeing things but nope the kaleidoscope of colour zooming across the sky was seen by enough people for me to say I’m sane and very possibly 2024 is gonna bang."

A third person commented: "Anyone else in the UK just see that bright spark in the sky? Shooting star?"

While an onlooker in London said: "Anyone else see the massive shooting star over south east London?? Biggest I’ve ever seen !!"