THE man who discovered the Neolithic stone row on Betws Mountain has told how the historic find came within 20 minutes of being destroyed.

Freelance archaeologist Dr Sandy Gerrard said a digger working on the construction of the 15-turbine MynyddyBetwswindfarm had to be halted in its tracks.

“In fairness to the developers they stopped work instantly – we have no criticism at all on that score,”

he told the Guardian.

“Asit is, the rowhas been cut in two places by the windfarm access road.

“What does concern us is that at no time was anyone asked to carry out a basic survey of what’s visible on the ground.

“Potentially, this stone row is incredibly important – it looks like the type you get on Dartmoor.”

Meanwhile, the local manwhoaccompanied the archaeologists to the site to show them a series of cairnshasvoiced concerns.

Dai Davies, of Cwmgors, said: “I know that mountain like the back of my hand and it breaks my heart to see what’s going on up there.”