Llandovery town councillors have expressed grave reservations about a mysterious monolith in the Castle Car Park.

The stone - which is actually part of the Tywi Afon yr Oesoedd group's A River Through Time project - has been dubbed 'The Tombstone' by disgruntled councillors.

They are angry they were not consulted and maintain its talking commentary is not relevant to Llandovery.

Cllr Jill Blud was bewildered. "Why have this in our car park?" she asked. "It says nothing about our town."

Cllr Robin Ennion claimed the talking milestone was "highly dangerous" as it could be rocked back six inches.

Cllr Helene Lovell was annoyed at the lack of consultation. "Surely the town council should know about these things?" she asked.

"It makes me feel sad to see this tombstone in the car park - people must think someone's buried there.

County councillor Ivor Jackson was similarily baffled. "A bunch of primary schoolkids would have done a better job," he said.

Carmarthenshire County Council cultural heritage grant officer Emyr Price said the milestone would be removed due to safety concerns.

"The Tywi Afon yr Oesoedd project has now ended but the team at the Tywi Centre would like to apologise for the lack of information about the audio boxes in Llandovery," he added.

"The Town Council say it would like to keep the milestone, decide on its new position and replace the current messages with ones they have formulated themselves." Councillor will decide its new position shortly.