LAST week’s Guardian story about a pair of UFOs spotted over Ammanford has caused quite a stir – with readers putting forward three possible explanations as to the origin of the mysterious objects.

What made the sighting on the early evening of Saturday, September 19, all the more credible was the sheer number of witnesses all of whom were pretty consistent about what they saw. Three quick-thinking schoolboys even managed to capture the objects on video.

The fact many homes were blacked out by a power cut at the time made the experience all the more spine-tingling.

When considering the subject of UFOs it is important to remember that the term stands for Unidentified Flying Object – whatever was seen in the sky remained unidentified as far as the witnesses were concerned.

That does not mean the UFOs are of extra-terrestial origin, neither does it preclude the possibility eye-witnesses indeed spotted an interplanetary craft.

Whatever your view on the genesis of Ammanford’s UFOs – weather satellites, Chinese lanterns or something that cannot be explained – the truth is undoubtedly out there.

How can we be so sure? Because the writer of this very column saw four orange spherical objects flying in close formation on Friday night!