A HEADTEACHER from Ammanford has told how she was left “spooked” by a mysterious formation of bright lights she spotted above the town on Saturday night.

Rhian Thomas, a self-confessed UFO sceptic, admits she is struggling to find an explanation to what she and her husband Alan witnessed above their home in Heol Ddu.

“I was leaving my home to take my dog for a walk,” Mrs Thomas, headteacher of Clydach junior school, told the Guardian.

“The sky was very clear and my attention was seized by some extremely large and bright lights in the sky towards the north west.

“Right across the skyline there were seven ‘stars’ in a formation very similar to that of the constellation The Plough.

“Each ‘star’ had a reddish light and, as I looked, I could see they were all moving very slowly and silently towards the north. There was no vapour trail either.

“The lights spanned the width of the sky and were brighter than Venus. It was a lovely clear night and I’ll be very surprised if no-one else saw something.

“We live on top of a hill overlooking Ammanford and occasionally see shooting stars, but never something like this.

“Can anyone give me a rational explanation? It spooked me a bit to be quite honest – and I’ve always been a bit of a UFO sceptic.”

Mrs Thomas’s husband dashed outside just in time to catch a glimpse of three of the lights before they disappeared from sight.

“Living where we do we are used to seeing transatlantic flights on a regular basis,” he said.

“This was not a high-flying jet. It was lower, made no sound and was just, well, different.”

A spokesman for Ammanford police said they had not received any reports.

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