A ROMAN Fort discovered at Llandeilo could be one of the largest ever uncovered in the UK.

Early indications show that the exciting find, which was made by the National Trust at Dinefwr Park, is one of the most important of its kind in Britain.

Gwilym Hughes, director of Cambria Archaeology, said: "It is very unusual to find such a Roman Fort so this is an extremely important discovery. We think at the moment that it is one of the largest forts in the whole of the UK."

Cambria Archaeology were commissioned by the National Trust to undertake surveys of the parkland at Dinefwr to help gain a better understanding of the archaeological importance of the area

The fort solves one of the great archaeological mysteries of the area and greatly enhances the understanding of the Roman occupation in Wales.

It had long been suspected that there was a fort in Llandeilo, but until now it had never been proved.

Mr Hughes added: "We have always suspected it was there, as Roman forts were located at set intervals.

With one at Llandovery and another at Carmarthen it was expected that there was one in this area."

The ground-penetrating surveys carried out by Cambrian Archaeology, which are similar to X-rays, revealed a range of roads, buildings and streets. The square or rectangular fort, which was built around 70 AD, is overlain by a smaller rectangular fort, which was built when the area was reoccupied some years later.

"The first of the forts, the largest of the two, was abandoned soon after it was built. But the second similar fort, which gives a more complete image, is packed with streets and buildings. Early indications also show that there was a bath house, which was a popular and very advanced means of relaxing for the Romans."

The significance of the discovery can so far only be guessed at, but early indications show that this extraordinary find could prove to be one of the most important discoveries ever made in this country.

IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: The site of the Roman fort in Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo.