THE father of landlady Caroline Evans wants a full independent inquiry into his daughter's death.

Retired Ammanford vet Mr David Evans said he was sceptical about the internal review launched last week by the Crown Prosecution Service into the court case involving Llangadog farmer William Davies last year.

Mr Davies shot Caroline at her pub, the Red Lion in Llangadog, in February, two months after walking free from Ammanford Mag-istrates' Court after a charge of threatening to kill her was dropped by the CPS.

He received a community rehabilitation order, a two-year supervision order and ordered to carry out 60 hours community work after admitting lesser charges of assaulting the 27-year-old landlady, using threatening behaviour and possessing a shotgun without a certificate.

Surrey CPS chief Sandie Hebblethwaite has been appointed to look into the case against Mr Davies, aged 59, who lived at Dolau Farm, Llangadog.

But Mr Evans said: "The fact that they have gone for an internal inquiry makes me a bit sceptical that they will only ask themselves the questions that they want to answer.

"Will they pre-empt and possibly thwart Adam Price's call for an independent inquiry."

Mr Price, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, has called on Home Secretary David Blunkett to launch an independent inquiry which will cover all the statutory bodies involved in the case.

Mr Evans said the magistrates are the only body so far not to have offered an explanation for their decision.

"I find it peculiar that there were still three charges against Davies which were serious and yet the sentences were more appropriate for people who drop litter in the street," added Mr Evans.

"The reason the CPS gave for not pursuing the relevant charge of threatening to kill are ludicrous.

"Firstly, they didn't believe Davies intended to kill yet half an hour after leaving the pub he turns up with a shotgun and cartridges. It was midnight and he was on my daughter's doorstep and he had the gun taken off him.

"They also claim that Caroline did not ring the police immediately and waited until he had turned up with a gun. This led them to believe she had not taken the threat seriously."