THERE needs to be a total reform of the mental health service in Carmar-thenshire, a Gorslas widow said this week.

Sue Williams spoke out after reading a front-page story in the Guardian last month.

She said: "I totally agree with the comments of the Zschieschenek family - mental health patients in Carmarthenshire are being failed."

Mrs Williams, of Llan-deilo Road, said her husband David, aged 48, took his own life on April 9, despite being treated at St David's Hospital, Carmarthen, and Swn y Gwynt, Ammanford, for depression.

Sobbing while she spoke she said: "My husband suffered from depression before we met, but after we were married he was fine.

"Two years ago his dad died and he started to suffer again.

"He went to see our doctor and he was referred to Swn y Gwynt."

Mrs Williams said he husband began drinking heavily and was put on tablets which should have made him ill when mixed with alcohol.

"They didn't and he was able to continue getting drunk," she said. "These tablets need to be taken off the shelf."

When Mr Williams was referred to St David's Hospital, his medication was increased, she said.

"They failed him," Mrs Williams added.

"Staff asked him how he was feeling, but never asked me, his wife, who knew him better than anyone, how he was getting on, which wasn't very well at all."

She said: "He was released from St David's on the Monday and killed himself on the Friday How could this have happened?"

After her husband took his life, Mrs Williams tried to get some answers from his doctor at Swn y Gwynt. But after repeated phone calls and requests for appointments, this has never happened.

"All David needed was counselling. I want to know why he wasn't helped. I need some answers," she said.

A Pembrokeshire and Derwyn Trust spokeswoman said: "The trust wishes to express its condolences to the family at this sad time.

In line with our policies, an internal review is being conducted."