The council and locals have hit out after vandals covered a popular Ammanford park in graffiti.

Some of the equipment at Ammanford Park has been damaged and there is graffiti on various parts of the play area.

CCTV footage is being checked by police in an attempt to discover who the vandals are.

Ammanford town clerk Sara Murray said: "This is the second lot of vandalism.

"I’ve also been told that in the female toilets, there is obscene language and drawing. At the moment we’re spending all of the taxpayer’s money on repairing acts of vandalism.

Ammanford park, shortly after reopening Ammanford park, shortly after reopening (Image: Stuart Ladd)

“Dragon Play may temporarily repair the playground because if we replace it fully, the vandals might come and destroy it again. It’s disappointing.

"I live locally and I’ve got two children. We wanted this for a long time. It’s a small minority that are not appreciating it.

“Ultimately, it’s the children who are missing out. Kids with learning disabilities often come down and at the moment they can’t use the playground.

"It’s really sad for us as a council. These people need to be held accountable.”

Part of the zip line is ripped. Part of the zip line is ripped. (Image: Ammanford Town Council)

Some locals are shocked by the vandalism at Ammanford Park playground.Some locals are shocked by the vandalism at Ammanford Park playground. (Image: Ammanford Town Council) A spokesperson for Ammanford Town Council wrote on its Facebook page: "We are disappointed to have to report that the playground in Ammanford park has been subjected to yet more vandalism.

“Part of the zipline has been cut and will therefore be out of action for the foreseeable future. The police have been informed and CCTV footage is being checked. This is unacceptable behaviour.

“Please can I ask that if anyone sees any anti-social behaviour or criminal damage taking place that they report it to the police via 101.

“The email address for the clerk is”

The post by the council also sparked comments from various locals.

Sian Thomas wrote on Facebook: “Why do some children behave like this? It’s sheer madness. Why spoil it for other children? They are the ones missing out. Hopefully the CCTV will show those responsible and make them accountable.”

Helen Louise Williams added: “No wonder the council begrudge doing anything in Ammanford when this is what happens. Why can’t kids leave these things alone? It spoils it for all the kids that want to enjoy the park.

Hedd-Wyn Jones said: “The new council have worked their hardest to get this through for the benefit of the local children and then this is what they get in return. A handful of horrible teenagers spoiling it for the children of Ammanford.”

There is a graffiti on the play equipment. There is a graffiti on the play equipment. (Image: Ammanford Town Council)

One local described the vandalism as 'sheer madness.'One local described the vandalism as 'sheer madness.' (Image: Ammanford Town Council) Meanwhile, Shereen Smith said: “What the heck is wrong with these vandals?”

To report any other instances of anti-social behaviour, you can visit the Ammanford Town Council page on Facebook.