ANN Davies has set out her priorities after being elected to represent Caerfyrddin in parliament.

Ms Davies secured 15,520 votes for Plaid Cymru, a majority of 4,535 over Labour’s Martha O’Neil.

The former Conservative chief whip Simon Hart, who served as MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire since his election in 2010, finished third with 8,825 votes.

The candidates for Caerfyrddin ahead of the result being announced.The candidates for Caerfyrddin ahead of the result being announced. (Image: Newsquest)

“The first priority is to try and ensure fair funding, because for public services we need that money from Westminster via the Senedd to come to our councils,” Ms Davies said.

“We’ve had 15 years of austerity and we need to make sure that that funding is put in place. The Barnett formula needs to be addressed, we need the HS2 consequentials – that’s £4 billion – and then we also need the Crown Estate devolved – because again, that money should be coming to Wales, it’s going to Westminster or King Charles and the royal family.

“Those are the three main issues that need addressing. That will release money to our public services here within the council.”

Ms Davies was elected to Carmarthenshire County Council, representing the Llanddarog ward, in 2017 – although has been an active member of Plaid Cymru since she was 18-years old.

When asked if her time in the council had solidified her priorities, Ms Davies replied: “Totally. And certainly over the last few years when I’ve been on the cabinet.

“We’ve had to make some terrible decisions this year with regards to how much funding – £22 million we had to find to cut this year.

“And you can’t keep sustaining such pressure on public services. It’s not fair.

“People want their roads to be roadworthy, they want to be able to take their cars on the roads. You want your schools to be the best possible schools that the children can have.

“It’s so, so difficult when councils, and not just Carmarthenshire but throughout Wales, are being put in to the positions that they are.”

Ann Davies speaking ahead of the results being called.Ann Davies speaking ahead of the results being called. (Image: Stuart Ladd)

Ahead of the results being announced, Ms Davies said she was feeling “very calm” when compared to her experience at the council elections.  

“I’ve done everything I can,” she said. “I started campaigning in January because I just wanted to go round all the communities in Carmarthenshire.

“When it was called at the end of May, I’d probably visited about 8,000 homes at that time.

“We’ve done as much as we can, and I feel we’ve had a really good positive campaign.”

Ms Davies said she would continue to oppose pylons along the Tywi Valley, whilst fighting for Carmarthenshire residents having heard “heartbreaking stories” on the doorstep during the campaign about issues with the NHS, education and Special Educational Needs provisions.