A South Wales pier has been named among the most beautiful in Britain.

From Blackpool to Penarth, Brighton Palace to Ryde, The Telegraph has revealed a list of Britain's 16 most beautiful seaside piers.

Introducing the list, the news outlets said: "You have to admire the British version of seaside engineering.

"Where Dubai has forged giant palm-shaped artificial islands off its dusty shoreline, and the Dutch have clawed whole polders out of the North Sea’s grip, our idea of getting one over on the ocean is a bunch of Victorians hammering a load of wood and metal a mile or so out into the water, and plonking a fairground at the end.

"Of course, not all the piers that have long bejewelled the coast from Ceredigion to Cleethorpes are in peak condition, but they still cast an evocative shadow across the UK beachfront – especially at this time of year."

From Blackpool to Brighton Palace Pier - see the full list of Britain's most beautiful below.From Blackpool to Brighton Palace Pier - see the full list of Britain's most beautiful below. (Image: Getty Images)

Britain’s 16 most beautiful piers

The most beautiful piers in Britain, according to the The Telegraph, are:

  • Brighton Palace and Brighton West Piers
  • Hastings Pier
  • Ryde Pier
  • Southwold Pier
  • Southend-on-Sea Pier
  • Cromer Pier
  • Clevedon Pier
  • Blackpool Pier
  • Ramsay Pier
  • Bournemouth Pier
  • Arnside Pier
  • Llandudno Pier
  • Southport Pier
  • Swanage Pier
  • Clacton Pier
  • Penarth Pier

Penarth Pier among the most beautiful in Britain

Penarth Pier was one of two in Wales, along with Llandudno, to make The Telegraph's list.

Talking about the beautiful pier, located in South Wales, The Telegraph said: "The Welsh pier, built in 1895, was fully restored in 1998.

"In summer, you can take a paddle steamer trip along the Severn river while the pavilion is a popular entertainment venue."

Visitors to Penarth Pier seem to agree with the high praise, with it boasting a 4 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor from 474 reviews (at the time of writing).

One person, commenting about their experience at Penarth Pier, said: "Beautifully restored and maintained pier and pavillion.


"We walked to the end and noted all the brass plaques of people who had given donations. Great views across to Somerset, Cardiff Bay, etc.

"Plenty of seats and several shops, cafes and cockles, prawns, etc on sale. Everything nice and clean and free from dog mess that would soak into the wooden surface of the pier.

"A wedding was bein g held in the pavilion and the cafe there was excellent. An old fashioned sweet shop is one of the attractions."