A pub in Carmarthenshire is under new management who are keen to attract more locals and create a "social hub".

The Old Cross Inn, Ammanford has been run by Tim Phillips and Charlotte Hussell for around two months.

The couple were previously based in Northampton where they ran a different pub and made a positive impact on the community.

The pub is run by Tim Phillips and Charlotte Hussell.The pub is run by Tim Phillips and Charlotte Hussell. (Image: Charlotte Hussell) Charlotte said: “We came from Northampton two months ago and we completely changed it around.

“It went from being somewhere that not many people went too, to a hub where everyone would come for a drink, food and chat. We seem to be on the right track to be doing that here as well.”

“It’s been great running the pub. We’ve met some great people and good friends already. It’s a friendly pub and we haven’t had any issues. It’s been great running something that’s completely different from our last place.”

The couple previously ran a pub in Northampton.The couple previously ran a pub in Northampton. (Image: Charlotte Hussell) Since Covid, several businesses in Ammanford have shut down but Tim and Charlotte want to bring new life into the town.

“Me and my fiancé want to bring in as many locals as possible and create a social hub. It’s super important for businesses to be thriving in the area. We want the pub to feel like a second home.

“We can’t wait to see what a few more months can do, we’ve only been here two months and we’ve made a huge difference already. That’s what we’ve been told by locals themselves. 

“Since lockdown there are more empty pubs and people don’t feel the need to socialise. But we want to change that."

Tim and Charlotte want to create a 'social hub.'Tim and Charlotte want to create a 'social hub.' (Image: Charlotte Hussell) However, the pair want to attract families too, especially those with dogs.

“We’re dog friendly, which not many places are. So it’s a great place for people to come have food and relax without having to sit outside and worry about the weather. We have our own dog, so we love seeing new dogs come in.”

The Old Cross Inn is dog-friendly.The Old Cross Inn is dog-friendly. (Image: Charlotte Hussell) And with summer set to begin, there are plans for The Old Cross Inn to host a range of events.

Charlotte continued: “We’re hoping to do some theme nights for the pub and we’re also going to do in a few months a BBQ outside of the front of the pub for the summer.”

Food-wise the pub now offers different specials every week – with meals such as Baby Back ribs, Hunters chicken and chicken fajitas on the menu last week.

The Old Cross Inn offers different specials every week and has a designated pizza menu.The Old Cross Inn offers different specials every week and has a designated pizza menu. (Image: Charlotte Hussell) There is also a designated pizza menu which is available all day every day with choices like Margarita, Carnivore, Veggie and Sweet & Spicy.

For more information about the Old Cross Inn and its new management, visit the pubs Facebook page.