A Carmarthenshire couple have used their lottery win to expand their bee empire.

Jeff, 60, and Davinia Pritchard, 58, won £1M in the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker draw in June 2015, which they have invested into their passion for beekeeping.

The pair, with more time to enjoy with family and friends, are also dedicated to improving the quality of life for themselves and the bee population in the area.

South Wales Guardian: The couple used it to grow the apiary to have more than 10 hivesThe couple used it to grow the apiary to have more than 10 hives (Image: Bonce PR)

After their lotto windfall, they have grown their small honey bee empire to consist of more than ten hives producing 'delicious' honey.

Mrs Pritchard said: "One of the most important things our win has bought us is time – time for us to pursue a hobby we love and maintain the land to ensure it’s the best environment for our bees, and us!

"Pottering about at home definitely brings us just as much joy as the new cars and exotic holidays we’ve been able to enjoy."

Mr Pritchard added: "I’ve always loved being outdoors with my bees, and our win made that easier to do!

"I was able to retire early, giving me more time to spend with the family, but also time for the simple things in life like tending to my bees and improving the land around our home to ensure a truly bee-friendly environment.

"As a result, the hives are thriving, our home looks amazing and we are producing plenty of lovely local honey!"

The investment in the land has led to a flourishing eco-system, with the hives thriving and an abundance of honey produced.

Before their win, the couple were considering selling their dream cottage, but they were able to clear the mortgage and complete pending renovation work due to their lottery luck.

Davinia highlights how critical their home space was during the pandemic, calling it their "own slice of heaven."

In addition to their bee-keeping endeavours, Jeff enjoys mountain walking while Davinia is making the most of her retirement by joining a gym.

She said: "Before the win I couldn’t have dreamt that I would ever have been able to afford the professional help I needed to lose weight.

"Having finally reached the top of Pen y Fan, I’m literally at my peak fitness!"

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