AFTER a warm and sunny start to the weekend, the Met Office has issued a weather warning for rain as well as updating its thunderstorms warning.

The Met Office had previously issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms covering much of Wales, however this has now been updated.

It is now set to take effect between 1pm and 11pm today (Sunday), although Pembrokeshire and parts of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion should avoid the worst of the conditions.

North-eastern areas of Carmarthenshire and eastern Ceredigion is covered by the weather warning.

South Wales Guardian: The updated weather warning for thunderstorms.The updated weather warning for thunderstorms. (Image: Met Office)

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely to break out in the south and west of this area early Sunday afternoon, moving steadily north whilst growing into larger areas of heavy rain before clearing through the late evening.

“Some intense downpours are possible in a few places, giving up to 30mm in less than hour and perhaps 50mm over two to three hours leading to surface water flooding.

“Large hail, frequent lightning strikes and possibly strong wind gusts will be additional localised hazards.”

The Met Office warned of spray and sudden flooding leading to difficult driving conditions, public transport cancellations, possible power cuts, and possible flooding of homes and businesses.

A second yellow weather warning – this time for rain – is expected to come in to force on Monday morning from 8am through to the end of the day.

South Wales Guardian: The weather warning for rain on Monday.The weather warning for rain on Monday. (Image: Met Office)

The warning covers most of southern Wales, including eastern and southern areas of Carmarthenshire and eastern Pembrokeshire.

A Met Office spokesperson said that a heavy and persistent band of rain will move eastwards through Monday.

They added that the weather is “likely to bring some transport disruption and possible flooding in a few places”.