The UK Government must stop selling weapons to Israel according to a Carmarthenshire MP.

Jonathan Edwards ramped up pressure following reports the UK Government has received legal advice that Israel breached international humanitarian law in Gaza.

Gaza health authorities calculate more than 30,000 civilians have died since Israel's invasion.

Moreover, three UK aid workers died on April 1 when the Israeli army attacked a designated aid convoy.

Mr Edwards aligned with MPs demanding the UK government reveal its legal advice.

He believes the UK Government and Labour's joint stance, supporting Israeli actions in Gaza and UK arms exports, cannot be defended.

Mr Edwards said: "To date the UK Government and the Labour party have a joint position of supporting the actions of the Israeli State in Gaza and supporting UK arms exports.

"Other politicians like myself have always questioned the wisdom of giving any country carte blanche right to act with impunity, and the reality is that the actions of Israel have been completely disproportionate and are making the Middle East incredibly unstable with unknown consequences."

The MP criticised Israel's "beyond comprehension" rate of slaughter in Gaza, noting its "illegal" collective punishment strategy.

Mr Edwards urged the UK and US to revise their foreign policy regarding the crisis, which he claimed isolated them.

He sternly advised: "If the UK Government has received legal advice from its own lawyers as reported that Israel is systematically breaking international law, then it must cease immediately to export arms.

"Otherwise, the UK will be potentially legally culpable for the horrors of Gaza.

"I fear morally, the UK has already positioned itself on the wrong side of events."

Finally, Mr Edwards called on ministers to exhibit the believed legal advice.

In addition, he tasked the UK Government and Labour leadership to promptly implement an ethical foreign policy concerning Middle Eastern turmoil, deeming them "terribly naive throughout this whole crisis".