There are calls for more schools to take part in the PSE curriculum in Wales through the medium of Welsh.

Jigsaw Education Group, the provider of Personal and Social Education (PSE) and Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) resources to more than 500 schools in Wales, is encouraging the use of the PSE education in the Welsh language.

Based on the successful implementation of the curriculum into select schools, Jigsaw translated its existing PSE syllabus into Welsh for 73 Welsh-medium and dual language institutions.

Teachers and students reported that the Welsh language resources helped to strengthen their connection to their cultural heritage.

CEO of Jigsaw Education Group, Sanjeev Baga said: "PSE is a broad subject that incorporates themes of culture, identity, relationships and language, all of which need to be sensitively taught in an age-appropriate manner, and a way that complements the individual child's requirements.

"We have seen first-hand the impact that providing our PSE curriculum in the Welsh language has had on students, who have relished the opportunity to develop a deeper connection between their cultural heritage and the language of their ancestors.

"The success of our initial step into Welsh language translation of our resources has been very encouraging and we look forward to expanding our provision in the future."

In particular, Welsh-medium schools benefited from the translated curriculum.

This successful implementation helps to address the sparse availability of Welsh language PSE materials compared to English.

Succeeding in this endeavour could be the stepping stone for the development of more materials, contributing towards the Welsh Government’s objective of having one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

Amy Hughes, assistant head teacher at Ysgol Garth Olwg, said: "There is a real challenge in finding high quality and well translated resources, but the materials that Jigsaw has provided have given us great delight.

"Enabling our pupils to discuss important issues to their lives through the medium of Welsh is vital in highlighting the status and importance of the language and allowing them to live all aspects of their school lives through the medium of Welsh."

Jigsaw's PSE curriculum, based on a whole-child and whole-school approach, supports schools to incorporate the language and lessons learned throughout the school.

Following its successful delivery, Jigsaw aims to further extend its material provisions to more schools across Wales.

For further information about Jigsaw and its PSE provision, visit the Jigsaw website.