A JURY has been discharged after they were unable to determine whether a man sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl.

Andrew Chapman, 29, of Peniel, was on trial at Swansea Crown Court charged with sexually assaulting the teenager in Carmarthenshire on September 21.

He denied the offence.

Chapman was accused of, while sitting in his vehicle, asking the teenager for a kiss and then reached out the window and touched her jacket around the chest area.

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The jury began their deliberations on Thursday afternoon, and were told on Friday afternoon that a majority verdict would be accepted.

However, after around six hours of deliberations, they informed Judge Catherine Richards that, even with extra time, they were unlikely to reach a verdict that at least 10 of them agreed upon.

Judge Richards discharged the jury, and thanked them for their work and efforts through the trial.

The prosecution will now consider whether to seek a re-trial. A decision will be made for a hearing on March 28, and Chapman was remanded back in to custody.