Community spirit and events in Llandovery will be boosted with the appointment of two new events coordinators.

Residents Maggi Swallow and Tiago Gambogi have begun their roles as the Llandovery events support coordinator and Llandovery community activities support coordinator respectively, marking the launch of an ambitious two-year project.

The Llandovery Support Coordinator’s Project is funded by a National Lottery Community Fund grant and led by the Llandovery Youth and Community Centre (LYCC) and a steering group through the Rural Futures Programme.

It aims to tackle issues including the cost-of-living crisis, accessibility to essential services, and fostering community resilience.

A notable increase in community activities and volunteering opportunities is expected from 2024 through early 2026.

Residents can look forward to experiences like luncheon clubs and repair café workshops, cooking on a budget sessions and circular economy activities like plant and seed swaps.

There will also be a renewed focus on existing services that address the cost-of-living crisis.

Maggi Swallow said: "The prevailing circumstances are sombre, marked by the cost-of-living crisis and the burden of escalating energy bills and food prices, so there is a real need for a surge in proactive spirit and enthusiasm.

"This project has the potential to foster self-sufficiency in numerous activities and events within Llandovery, offering a valuable coping mechanism during trying times.

Additionally, Maggi and Tiago are dedicated to improving access to lifelong learning, health and fitness, arts and culture.

Career events, Welsh language courses, mental health first aid courses and film nights will all contribute to enhancing experiences in Llandovery.

Tiago Gambogi said: "Community engagement and empowerment are at the core of our mission.

"Through initiatives like volunteer and skills share registers, fundraising support for local groups, and the development of growing spaces, we aim to strengthen social connections and enable residents to shape their collective well-being."

As the Llandovery Coordinator’s Project unfolds, the community can anticipate a wealth of opportunities, stronger social connections, and thriving community initiatives.

The coordinators encourage residents to reach out with details of any planned activities or to simply seek guidance on community involvement.

Residents can contact them by email at and, or by phone at 01550 721499.