Plaid Cymru politicians are again calling for the planned controversial pylon route between south Ceredigion and Carmarthen to be put underground.

The Green Gen Towy Teifi project, which intends to link Bute Energy's proposed Lan Fawr Energy Park near Lampeter to a new National Grid substation near Carmarthen, includes a 52km-long 132kV overhead line.

The project, in its early phase has prompted serious concerns from residents and businesses about its visual, environmental, and economic implications.

Several public meetings and campaign groups have recently been formed to challenge the proposals.

Plaid Cymru politicians also got involved, urging that the overhead line be placed underground, much like practices adopted elsewhere in the UK and Europe.

Cefin Campbell, Plaid Cymru's Senedd Member for Mid & West Wales, who raised these issues with First Minister Mark Drakeford last week, where Mr Drakeford said that cables should be put underground "where possible". Mr Campbell said: "I’m glad the First Minister reiterated the Welsh Government’s stance that cables should be placed underground where possible. With more and more of these overhead pylon proposals popping up across the length and breadth of Wales, now is the time to put such policy into practice."

He highlighted the merits of cable ploughing in future electricity transmission projects, a method which uses machinery to cut a slit, and lays a cable in the ground simultaneously, proving to be more cost effective and less disruptive than other alternatives.

He revealed that cable ploughing can bury a kilometre of 132kV cable in a day.

Adam Price, Plaid Cymru Senedd Member for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, also suggested that the undergrounding of the cables should be taken into consideration for future plans.

Ann Davies, Plaid Cymru Westminster candidate for the new Caerfyrddin constituency, resolved to further argue for the line to be placed underground.

Green Gen Cymru's initial consultation on the proposed route will continue until 6 March 2024.