FOLLOWING the announcement of plans to close the Ammanford campus of Coleg Sir Gâr, calls have been made for a cross-party emergency taskforce to “save Ammanford’s future”.

Last week, the college confirmed that its Ammanford campus may close as part of plans to develop a “world-class campus development” at Pibwrlwyd and secure the college’s financial future.

The proposed Pibwrlwyd campus development would receive Welsh Government funding through the Mutual Investment Model, which Mr Miles said would “provide state of the art facilities” as well as “additional recreational and wellbeing facilities”.

The local Labour party have now called for a cross-party emergency taskforce “to save Ammanford’s future”.

The leader of the Ammanford Town Labour Group, Anthony Jones, said he was concerned that the town hall could be sold and that some schools could be moved from the town centre.

He said: “Plaid Cymru have recently woken to the fact Ammanford is in decline on their watch.

“They are keen to play party politics right now but this won’t come as a shock to us who have been informed that the Plaid council intends on selling Ammanford Town Hall, and that they purchased land for £750,000 outside of the town to move some schools from the town centre. 

“I'm concerned there's even more at risk in Ammanford that we haven't been told of yet.  Now there’s an election looming, they’ve suddenly shown interest in saving the college because they think they can blame Labour.

“The truth is, Plaid Cymru - at both a county and town level - have not been there for Ammanford.”

Carmarthenshire council have been contacted for comment over the future of Ammanford town hall.

Labour town councillor for Pantyffynnon ward, Calum Higgins, said: “We need an emergency task force to save Ammanford from an unsalvageable decline.

“We need a commitment to keep our town hall, to invest in the schools where they currently are, and a cross-party plan.

“I believe we can put a plan together for a community hub at the site, bringing Carmarthenshire Council, the health board, and Coleg Sir Gâr together. 

“This way it could remain an outreach for Coleg Sir Gâr, and we propose something positive rather than accept the state it's in and oppose everything.”

Martha O'Neil, Labour's candidate and the next General Election, said: “The Amman Valley deserves better. Too often, political parties highlight what they disagree on - but I’m confident that a cross party campaign to secure a better future for the college campus is something we can all support.”