A MUM has spoken of her frustration after she wasn’t able to buy Calpol for her teething baby as she didn’t have any ID.

Kelly-Louise Matthews, 20, went in to Poundland in Ammanford on Monday, February 26 to buy some Calpol for her three-month old baby – who is teething.

However, as Calpol contains paracetamol, it is age restricted – meaning customers who look under 25 have to show ID to prove they’re not underage.

“They said without ID they can’t sell it to me,” Ms Matthews said.

She said that her partner and his mum, both who had ID, were with her. His mum asked whether she could buy the medicine instead, but was turned down.

“My three-month-old had to go without Calpol,” Ms Matthews said.

“By the time they refused it, I had to catch a bus. I had to order it online and wait a day for it to be delivered.

“It was frustrating really. For a while I’ve been struggling to get any form of ID for myself.

“This is the first time this has even happened.

“I thought it was really silly. It is for the child and their needs, not for myself.

“I had my daughter there with me. That was proof it wasn’t for me.”

Ms Matthews has asked for common sense to be used when it comes to adults who do not have ID buying medicines for their young children.

“When it comes to children and their needs we shouldn’t need it. It’s not for the adults, it’s for the children and their needs – which is more important.

“There’s women younger than me who are mums who could be in the same situation as me. They might not have ID and they’re stuck because they are younger mums.”

A Poundland spokesperson said: “We’re sorry the customer couldn’t buy Calpol. 

“However that medicine contains paracetamol and therefore has an age restriction on its sale - so our colleague was doing the right thing.

“We have a ‘Challenge 25’ policy for restricted items such as these to prevent their mis-sale.

“While we appreciate this was inconvenient, I’m afraid we have to abide by these restrictions.”