Plaid Cymru leaders on Carmarthenshire County Council have expressed disappointment with Sir Keir Starmer’s 'failure to commit a future Labour government to reversing Tory public spending cuts.'

Cabinet member Cllr Alun Lenny commented on the effect of the cuts, placing emphasis on the importance of central government funding for local councils.

He said: "Well over a decade of Tory austerity has left local councils in an impossible position.

"Endless cuts to funding by central government are now having a serious impact on core services like social care, education and highways.

"It’s shocking that the UK Labour leader seems unwilling to commit to a proper level of funding.

"As 75 per cent of council income comes from a central grant, it means a greater burden being placed on our hard-pressed council tax payers."

Cllr Lenny has asked the Labour group at County Hall to lobby Sir Keir Starmer about the element of destruction being caused to public services due to limited funding.

He also noted the need to act swiftly to rectify unfair treatment of Wales in funding, pointing out that the Labour party in Wales, having shown loyalty for a century, should call on their party in Westminster to modernise the Barnett Formula immediately.

He has also proposed that re-labelling the HS2 development as an ‘England only’ project could be a step towards justice, aiding the Welsh budget in supporting crucial sectors like the NHS, social care, education and highways.