The new Bishop of St Davids was enthroned this weekend at a special service in St Davids Cathedral, attended by hundreds of people.

The enthronement followed his consecration in Bangor Cathedral a week earlier by the Archbishop of Wales, Andrew John, at which he was presented with his Mandate, which allows him to assume the office of Bishop.

Bishop Dorrien was elected in October as the 130th Bishop of St Davids, the diocese which covers the three West Wales counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

The service began with Bishop Dorrien approaching the West Door of the cathedral and knocking three times, to be admitted by the Dean and Chapter, to whom his Mandate was presented.

The Bishop then received items symbolising aspects of his ministry:

· a ring, signifying both authority and his promise of fidelity to church and people.

· a cope, or cloak (see Note 2), which has come to signify participation of the worship of the church.

· a mitre, the distinctive headwear, which is seen as symbolic of the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit that rested on the heads of the apostles on the first day of Pentecost; · a crozier, or pastoral staff, like a shepherd’s crook, reflecting Christ’s example as the Good Shepherd.

The Bishop was then led to the Episcopal Throne in the Quire and ceremonially installed by the Dean of St Davids, Dr Sarah Rowland Jones.

On his return to the Nave, the formalities complete, he was presented to the congregation, including dignitaries and representatives from across the diocese, including the Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed, the High Sheriff and the Mayor of St Davids.

In his sermon, Bishop Dorrien recalled his first ever visit to the cathedral aged eight. “Little did I imagine that [one day] I would come here as Bishop,” he said.

“Today means so much, a reflection and evaluation of the past, and an anticipation of what the future may bring.

“As I entered the cathedral today, I was welcomed as one who is called to serve. I realise there is an expectation of me and how I will exercise my ministry.

“I consecrate myself to God today, I pledge myself to you, I promise to serve you in love, and commit this diocese in the name of Christ to bring hope to the despairing, safety to the frightened, reassurance to the outcast, healing to the broken, a sense of belonging to those who feel dejected and undervalued, support to the strong, and the Gospel of Life to the dying.”

At the end of the service, Bishop Dorrien gave a blessing on the city of St Davids and the diocese outside the West Door.