THERE are plans for an incinerator that can carry out animal cremation in Llandeilo.

James Wylde of FleurFauna submitted an application to Carmarthenshire County Council for a ‘low capacity incinerator’ on land in Capel Isaac, Llandeilo.

The application said that there would be a ‘low capacity incinerator capable of small animal cremation using a DEFRA approved incinerator located within an existing agricultural barn stone/block structure.’

The application states that the incinerator ‘conforms to the latest emissions standards and produces no visible discharge or smell from the flue.’ However, it does also highlight that there can be a visible plume which would come from the wood burners used in the domestic properties at the site.

The plan is to use an existing small agricultural barn to house the incinerator. It is not in use at present but over the last 10 years, it has been used for agricultural purposes including as a machinery store and as a domestic bin store and for storage of firewood for the site’s domestic property.

At present, the barn is empty as remedial works need to be made on the structure. The applicant states that the building fell out of use for its original purposes due to its size, construction method and condition and also requests a change of use from agricultural to commercial.

The plans for the cremation business would see deceased animals collected or delivered by the use of a company vehicle or by customers bringing them to the site. It would only see four visits per day and the appointments will be arranged in advance and therefore there will only be parking for a single vehicle.

The payment for the service will be dependent on the weight of the animal and there are plans to offer their services to a local animal rescue centre for deceased domestic animals. This latter plan would be at no cost to the rescue centre, but would be dependent on availability within the four visit allowance.

Mr Wylde said that no animals will be stored on the site, however, there is a plan for a facility to store a single animal just in case of a breakdown with the incinerator in line with APHA licensing.

The plans also include planting native trees within a ‘depleted and neglected woodland area within 700 metres of the site’ to carbon offset the use of fossil fuels in the operation of the incinerator.

The application states that there will be low level heat coming from the machine when it is in use and a low level noise which is equivalent to a domestic gas boiler. The resulting ash from the cremations would be placed ‘on a suitable sealed receptacle’ and will not exceed 1kg.

The plans can be seen in full at and by searching for the reference PL/07141. Any comments relating to the application can be made via the above link, by emailing or by writing to Planning Services, Civic Offices, Crescent Road, Llandeilo, SA19 6HW. If using the latter two ways, the reference number must be included in the representation and representations must be received by February 14, 2022.