Another store has officially left Ammanford.

In November, it was revealed that Poundstretcher would be closing its Ammanford store after closing down sale signs appeared, but no date had been set.

However, on Thursday, January 25, the budget retailer on College Street closed its doors for the final time as confirmed to the South Wales Guardian by a member of staff.

Poundstretcher opened its Ammanford store on February 20, 2021, bringing with it new full time and part time jobs and donating £250 to Ammanford Food Bank.

Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, said: "This is another blow to the local economy in Ammanford with a loss of yet another retailer from the town.

“My thoughts are with the workforce and all affected by the closure. As the local Member of Parliament I will do all I can to offer my support to them.

“The Poundstretcher site is a prime location in the town so hopefully another retailer will be interested.

“Ultimately, Welsh Government and the County Council need a new strategy for our market towns. We need to reinvent them as meeting places. The post pandemic world of hybrid working offers opportunities to fill the gap left by the demise of the traditional high street model."

Martha O'Neil, Welsh Labour's candidate for Carmarthenshire in the forthcoming general election, said: "Redundancies have a deep and lasting impact on workers, families, and our community.

"It is concerning to see the closure of Poundstretcher in Ammanford, which only opened back in 2021."

She added: "This comes as another blow for Ammanford Town centre. Carmarthenshire County Council needs an effective task force for Ammanford to help draw in investors and ensure that there is a long-term plan to regenerate the town and secure lasting prosperity."

Poundstretcher had more than 350 stores at the time the closure of the Ammanford store was revealed, however, it had been in some financial difficulty with a two-year Compulsory Voluntary Arrangement ending in November 2022. The arrangement is a way for businesses to restructure and continue trading, but usually leads to store closures as well as negotiating rent down.

During this period, 500 stores were closed, leaving the 350 mentioned before and £13 million of what it owed was paid.

Despite this financial pressure and the store closures, Poundstretcher had announced plans to open 50 stores across the UK by the end of 2023.

The Poundstretcher press office did not respond to a request for comment.