THE UK Government must make sure sub-postmasters are adequately compensated, according to a local MP.

Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, called on the UK Government to compensate sub-postmasters, including giving them the option to work for the Post Office, if they wish to do so.

He made the call during a debate in the House of Commons last week, stating that their income should reflect their huge contribution to communities.

Mr Edwards said: “I have been inundated with emails from constituents who are outraged by the scandal and are calling for the Government to take action to address the unfairness caused at the time.

“I would like to thank my constituents for their correspondence as this always helps form the work I carry out in Parliament.

“The legacy of the Horizon scandal must be to ensure we have a sustainable Post Office network for the future. It would seem only fair to look at the current remuneration and give postmasters the option of being directly employed as opposed to the current independent contracting system.

“I believe this would be a fairer way to ensure that their income reflects the massive contribution they continue to make to our communities.”

He also made the call in 2021, saying that the move could be a way to help right the wrongs that was served on the sub-postmasters by the Horizon scandal.

The Horizon scandal is back in the public eye after the recent ITV drama that has led to public outcry, and a public inquiry into the scandal which saw hundreds of sub-postmasters accused and convicted of theft from the Post Office, when it was found to be an issue with the Fujitsu Horizon system that was being used.