A CARMARTHENSHIRE MP has expressed his delight that a tax dispute has been settled after years of campaigning.

It has been 40 years since Roadchef employees began fighting to get access to their money that was held in the company’s employee share ownership plan.

In 2014, workers won a legal battle after they lost millions when shares in the scheme were transferred but, following this win, it was found that a further £10 million had been taken in taxes. The £10 million was returned in 2018, but left employees still fighting to get the rest of the money.

But now, the matter has been settled with the HMRC and the High Court has granted consent to distribute the trust to the long-suffering beneficiaries.

Mr Edwards said: “These schemes were created as tax free plans to help traditional low paid workers build a secure future.

“I am proud to play a small part in the campaign by lobbying the government through sponsoring Early Day Motions and writing to ministers on this matter. I am glad that justice has prevailed and that the scheme will operate as intended and members of the fund will receive their entitlements in full.

“I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the campaign for their tenacity and determination.”