As many people continue to face difficulties amidst the cost-of-living crisis, a new study has found the places most in need of food banks. 

The research, conducted by window, door and conservatory installers Eliments, investigated how many times 95 places across the UK have searched for food banks (and 1771 related words) over the past 12 months. 

People in Swansea searched the terms an average of 2033 times a month, that’s around 70 searches a day. 

When we break that down across Swansea’s population of 237,834, our comparable stats show that’s 855 searches a month per 100,000 people - the highest in Wales. 

MD of Eliments Danny Hogan said: 

“It’s sad to see the impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on people, but it’s equally heartwarming to see the response from volunteers in helping those in need. 

“It only seems like yesterday when the whole country came together to support each other during the pandemic, and it's lovely to see that this community spirit continues to exist.” 

Danny had this advice for people using food banks: 

“Plan Regular Visits: Plan your visits regularly to ensure a consistent and reliable source of food support. This helps in managing your resources effectively and reduces the risk of running out of essential supplies. 

“Diversify Your Meals with Creativity: Food banks offer a variety of items, and sometimes the selection may be limited. Get creative with your meal planning to make the most out of the available ingredients. Experiment with different recipes and cooking methods to ensure a diverse and balanced diet for you and your family. 

“Build a Support Network: Connect with others in your community who may be facing similar challenges. Building a support network can involve sharing information about resources, exchanging tips on budgeting and cooking, and providing emotional support. Collective efforts can make the experience of using food banks more manageable.”