A TOWY Valley footpath has officially been diverted.

The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority has now confirmed – on Wednesday, December 20 – that the number 94 footpath at Danygarn in Llangadog has been diverted.

The section of path that is affected is the part running from grid reference 270396,225438 and proceeding in an east by south direction for approximately 60 metres then turning to a generally southern direction for approximately 190 metres to grid reference 270465,225236.

The diversion means the path now runs from grid reference 270396,225438 proceeding in a generally southerly direction for approximately 165metres to grid reference 270396,225275 then proceeding in a south, south westerly direction for approximately 90 metres to grid reference 270367,225190, then proceeding in a south easterly direction for approximately six metres to grid reference 270370,225183.

Initially, the authority made it known about its intention to divert the path in October, with a chance for people to make representations about the order before November 17 and now it has confirmed the diversion with a public notice in the December 20 edition of the South Wales Guardian.