A FOOTPATH through part of a Carmarthenshire forest will be closed in January.

Carmarthenshire County Council is closing footpaths 7/19 and 7/37 as well as a bridleway – 7/16 in Caio Forest, Caio in January to allow for tree felling works to be carried out in the forest.

The closure will affect the following routes:

  • The length of footpath 7/19 from around 148metres east of the property known as Y Fron, Caio, in a general easterly direction for 557metres before entering Caio Forest and continuing in a north easterly direction for approximately 690metres to the junction with footpath 7/37.
  • The length of footpath 7/37 from approximately 90metres north of the property known as Ty Cilgawad, Caio, in a north easterly direction through Caio Forest to its junction with footpath 7/19.
  • The length of bridleway 7/16 from a point 386metres north of the northern extremity of Rock Street, Caio, in a general north easterly direction through Caio Forest for approximately 1,305metres at a point where it exists the forest boundary.

The order is set to come into force on January 15, 2024, and will last for as long as the tree felling works take place. During this period, no pedestrians or horseback riders will be able to use the footpaths or bridleway.