CARMARTHENSHIRE has some of the lowest number of electric vehicle charging points in Wales.

Amazing Cars and Drives has been researching the number of public electric charging stations throughout the UK and found that Carmarthen East and Dinefwr has 42 electric vehicle charging points across the county.

However, the most charging points is in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire with 128.

Wales as a whole, however, only has 2,061 charging points for electric vehicles, the second lowest in the UK, with Northern Ireland having just 430. In Scotland, there are 4,238 and in England there are 42,479.

Chris Watson, spokesperson for Amazing Cars and Drives, said: “This disparity of EV charging station availability underscores a broader issue within the UK: the need for a more uniform and extensive development of EV infrastructure. The current situation presents a challenge not just for the less equipped regions, but for the UK as a whole, in its commitment to sustainable transportation and fostering widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

Amazing Cars and Drives is Northern Ireland’s leading car buyers guide on the best cars and deals available in the region. The data on the amount of electric charging stations came from the Department for Transport.