A LLANDYBIE fitness class has been growing in popularity after a gap was spotted by a personal trainer.

Steve Davies – who works under Absalute PT – is a Royal Navy veteran and former police inspector who moved into personal training, working at the Llandarcy Academy of Sport.

When he was on holiday in July, he was contacted by a friend who said about her mother and friends had their aqua aerobics and Zumba classes cancelled, with a query as to whether he knew of any classes that would be suitable for other ladies.

“I may have had one or two cocktails when I told her I would sort something out,” Steve told the South Wales Guardian.

When he returned home, he met some of the ladies in question and came up with the idea to start an older persons fitness class.

Six people attended the first class on September 6, with 22 people who now attend the Wednesday afternoon classes in Caerbryn Village Hall.

One of those who joined the class a few weeks ago is Ingrid. Ingrid is a former civil servant who used to attend aerobics classes in Ammanford in the 1980s and after a few years off, she has now resumed fitness classes at the age of 64.

South Wales Guardian: Ingrid (far left) in a 1985 article about aerobics in Ammanford.Ingrid (far left) in a 1985 article about aerobics in Ammanford. (Image: Steve Davies)

Ingrid joked: “I am no Jane Fonda.” She told the South Wales Guardian about joining the class and the benefits it has had on herself and her fellow attendees.

“Steve does a very good job with the classes. They are suitable for everyone. I suffer with back problems and some of the ladies have had hip or knee replacements and the classes are adjusted for each individual, so if I’m unable to do something because of my back, he just says not to worry and to do this instead, describing another exercise.”

South Wales Guardian: The classes are working on improving fitness and helping to improve balance.The classes are working on improving fitness and helping to improve balance. (Image: Steve Davies)

One of the things both Steve and Ingrid highlighted is the fact that anyone of any age and ability can take part in the classes, with exercises that are suitable for those less mobile or can easily be adapted to suit the needs of the individual.

The classes can range from light movement and balance work to low intensity interval training and there has even been some salsa dancing.

“People need to keep fit, especially as we get older,” said Ingrid. “The classes help with our balance too. Steve says to bring a mat but we’ve never got down on the floor as we joke that it’ll take the rest of the class for us to get back up!

South Wales Guardian: The classes are suitable for people of all levels of fitness and mobility.The classes are suitable for people of all levels of fitness and mobility. (Image: Steve Davies)

“It’s a lot of fun. I have done pilates too but I like working out to music and Steve also has great music.”

Menna, another of the group said: "Excellent class which is very suitable for people with aches and pains and recovering from injuries. Plenty of opportunities to push yourself harder if you choose to. Excellent and humorous instructor who makes a big effort to make people feel welcome. Everyone would enjoy this class."

Both highlight the friendships that have come out of the classes as well, with a recent Christmas meal seeing the group out for hours enjoying themselves and the WhatsApp group that was set up for members constantly full of talk with each other.

“Some of the people in the group are new to the area,” said Ingrid. “And they’ve made friends so easily.”

South Wales Guardian: A lot of work is done on balance to help prevent fallsA lot of work is done on balance to help prevent falls (Image: Steve Davies)

The current class is held at 3pm on a Wednesday in Caerbryn Village Hall, Caerbryn Terrace, Caerbryn, Llandybie.

There will also be extra classes starting on Friday, January 5 at 12pm at the same location, with plans to further expand.

Anyone interested in joining one of the classes can contact Steve on 07584130260, by searching @AbsalutePersonalTrainer on Facebook, absalutept on Instagram or by emailing absalutept@gmail.com.