A CARMARTHENSHIRE MP is asking the Welsh Government to clarify whether cable ploughing could be used for electricity transmission.

Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, has been campaigning for cable ploughing to be used instead of building pylons throughout the Towy Valley.

The method has previously been discussed but Julie James, Welsh Government minister for climate change recently stated that cable ploughing could not be a viable option as different cables are used in Europe in comparison to the UK.

Mr Edwards has said that after discussing this with experts in the field, it is not the case.

Mr Edwards said: “I welcome the decision of the Welsh Government to actively consider this technology as a possible way of minimising detriment and securing community support for the infrastructure which will have to be built if net zero targets are to be met.

“I have written to the minister to seek clarification on her statement that different cables are used in Europe and the UK. My understanding is that UK cables are imported from the same manufacturer as used by our European counterparts based on the same specifications. I am further advised there is also a growing portfolio of projects successfully completed in the UK and pending projects for 2024 using cable plough.

“I have been involved in politics a long time and am aware how government ministers can use obscure reasons to de-rail a policy change. As this seems to be the last impediments to the Welsh Government adopting cable ploughing as a policy, I hope the minister can clarify matters for my constituents.”