AN Amman Valley family is celebrating after every member achieved a black belt status.

Earlier this month, the Prescott family became black belts in kinetic martial arts.

Mason and Roman joined the KMA class first as a way to boost Mason’s confidence and focus younger brother Roman’s boisterous energy.

Mum Andi said: “Mason was quiet and sensitive in school and lacked confidence, his brother two years younger was the opposite to an extreme measure, he was extremely busy and boisterous.

“We’d heard from friends about the group and so took the boys along, their first class was free and the instructor Tom Jones is honestly an amazing instructor. He was able to build and bring the confidence out in Mason and incite some order and calmness in Roman, focusing his energy in the right direction.”

Andi, a healthcare assistant at Ammanford’s Margaret Street GP practice, and husband Wayne, a rigger for BT, both work long hours and would see the adults in their kit and decided to stay and watch and were asked if they wanted to join.

South Wales Guardian: The Prescott family started out as white belts six years ago.The Prescott family started out as white belts six years ago. (Image: Andi Prescott)

“My husband and boys are fitter and more flexible than me, so they fitted in with ease, I was petrified. I was completely unfit and to be honest after that first class I thought I was going to die and I’d never be able to do what they were all doing.

“Tom saw this and over the years has encouraged, taken time out, helped all of our confidences and brought us all out of our shells and focussed on our greatest strengths.

“It brought us closer together as a family.”

On the black belts. Andi said: “Five years ago, I watched a black belt grading and said there wasn’t any way I’d ever be able to do that.”

Andi said that only three to five per cent of people who begin a martial art stick with the process to reach their black belt and after six years of training, earlier this month, Andi, Wayne, Mason and Roman all achieved their black belts after a gruelling two and a half hour grading alongside seven other members of their class.

“It’s an amazing feat in itself,” said Andi.

KMA provided principles that the Prescott family follow. They follow the command ‘pil seung’ which means certain victory and to ‘never give up,’ and principles ‘humility, integrity, gentleness, perseverance, self-control and unbreakable spirit’ are recited before every class.

Prior to covid, Andi and Wayne helped out in the kids classes and Mason and Roman would stay and play whilst the adult classes were going on. Now all four are in the adult classes and Mason helps out at the kids class.

“We’re so happy as a family,” said Andi. “We’re so much healthier, far less stressed, we have open communication, our mental health is better. We’re always laughing and we have an extremely close family bond together.”