A CARAVAN that has been abandoned in an Amman Valley field for more than two years has finally been removed.

The caravan has been in place – abandoned by a member of the public – at Penyrallt, Bryncethin Road in Garnant for more than two years, which has left residents and councillors frustrated and concerned.

Cllr Kevin Madge, the county council member for the Garnant ward has been campaigning for the caravan to be removed for the last few years, citing that not only does it ruin the view in the area, but it is located near a children’s playground and is hazardous if children go into it – which they have done numerous times since it was abandoned. The caravan’s windows have been smashed and the doors are off their hinges.

In documents seen by the South Wales Guardian, Carmarthenshire County Council has confirmed that the caravan and its contents have been catalogued and that it will be disposed of.

“We have been lucky that no children have been harmed,” said Cllr Madge, who previously shared concerns that nothing would be done until someone was hurt.

In the correspondence, the council state that ‘extensive efforts’ have been carried out to trace the owner, but the owner has not engaged with the council.

The council – which owns some of the land the caravan has been abandoned on – has taken legal advice and can remove the caravan at its own cost, but there is a risk that the owner can seek compensation from the council for the removal. This is why the council had the caravan valued.

The caravan has now been removed, with Cllr Madge stating that he is “over the moon” and feels like it has “been a marathon” in getting the eyesore and danger gone for his constituents. “There has been so much frustration over the last two and a half years, but it has now gone.”