THE trailer for a feature film shot in Ammanford on zero budget has been revealed.

Finding Time follows an 11-year-old girl in Ammanford who finds a bracelet and is pulled by her dog through a monument in the centre of the town which then sends her back in time.

During this period, she uses this time travelling to help her family and those around her to improve their lives.

The film was written and directed by Dave Jenkins after he was inspired by the monument that he called a ‘striking feature.’ It was shot entirely on the latest iPhone.

Mr Jenkins previously told the South Wales Guardian: “Being a storyteller and writing short plays, pantomimes etc, I saw that and thought it would be a passageway to something exciting as well as a monument.”

The star of the film is his 11-year-old daughter Hannah who herself is a budding actress and has been in a couple of short films, but this is her first feature-length project.

“I feel really excited because I had been in one or two films before but they were short films and I have been excited to do a feature film instead of just short films,” said Hannah.

“I think its really interesting because there are no feature films about time travel in our area so it was exciting to do.”

Hannah’s character uses time travel to help her family, friends and the local community but when asked what she herself would do if she was in the same situation, Hannah said: “If I got a bad grade, I would go back and change that and if I had an injury or any one of my family members passed away or had an injury, I would probably change that as best as I could.”

See the trailer here:

Finding Time was filmed over a six-month period with a cast of 30-40 people, including local actors and actresses and at Hannah’s former school Ysgol Saron.

Finding Time will premiere at Cross Hands Cinema on November 18 and there will be a second showing at the cinema on November 25. For tickets to either showing, email

There are plans further down the line to submit the film to local and international film festivals to showcase what can be done on a zero budget.