A CARMARTHENSHIRE road will be closed to traffic for a week in November.

Carmarthenshire County Council issued a public notice in the October 25 edition of the South Wales Guardian highlighting the planned closure of the Class III road at Trapp, for essential maintenance works to be carried out by Welsh Water.

The specified road closure is:

·       Class III road leading from Trapp towards Gwynfe from a point 150 metres from the junction with the Class III Trapp to Ffairfach Road for a distance of approximately 260 metres in a north-easterly direction.

The road will be closed from Monday, November 6 and will last for around seven days. During this closure, no vehicles will be allowed to use the stretch of road but pedestrian access will be maintained where possible. Access to individual properties will also be maintained where possible during the closure.

There will be an alternative route for vehicles travelling south-west bound which is: to proceed in a north-easterly direction along the Class III road leading from Trapp towards Gwynfe for a distance of approximately five kilometres and after passing the chapel known as Capelymaen continue to the second junction on the right hand side signposted Gwynfe, being approximately 75 metres from the said chapel. At the junction, turn right and travel in a general north-easterly direction along the Class III road for approximately 3.5 kilometres, heading through the village of Capel-Gwynfe before continuing in a general northerly direction to its junction with the Principal Road A4069.

Turn left at the junction and proceed in a north-westerly direction along the A4069 to its junction with a Class III road being the first junction on the left hand side. Turn left at the junction, and travel in a south-westerly direction along the Class III road to a junction with another Class III road at Bethlehem Village. At the junction turn left, immediately passing Bethlehem Hall, and continue in a south-westerly direction along Bethlehem Road towards Ffairfach.

After passing Tregib Sports Facility at Ffairfach, turn left again on to a Class III road which leads to Trapp and continue in a general south-easterly direction for 150 metres to return to a point south-west of the closure. It will be vice-versa for north-east bound traffic