THE value of a cancelled bus service on its users cannot be understated said disappointed politicians.

It was recently revealed by the Welsh Government that the Fflecsi Bwcabus service which covers the most rural parts of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire will not operate after the end of October.

The service provides an essential travel service to residents without access to cars to move between towns for work, shopping, medical treatment and essentials, but it will now be stopped due to a lack of funding available.

The service has been in operation for 14 years and has been funded by the Welsh Government since the RDP funding stopped.

It is a blow to those who use the service and also poses a question as to what will come of the new buses that were secured by the Welsh Government for the service in July.

Adam Price, MS for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, said: “It’s extremely disappointing to hear the announcement that the Bwcabus service will come to an end. Whilst passenger numbers may seem low on paper, it’s value to so many residents and rural communities cannot be understated.

“It seems paradoxical that at a time when Welsh Government are encouraging residents to use public transport and decrease their reliance on private transport, funding for this valued rural service is cut.

“It’s vital Welsh Government review this decision with haste and look at what support can be provided to those likely to be affected by the terminating of the service.”

Cefin Campbell, MS for Mid and West Wales said: “For many commuters across Carmarthenshire and west Wales, the Bwcabus service is more than a bus – for many it is the only link they have to other services or nearby towns and villages. To therefore lose such valued service will come as a blow and concern for many.

“It’s all too clear that a loss of precious finance as a result of Brexit has had a significant impact on the sustainability of this service, however it’s now crucial Welsh Government review the bus provision county, and also look at what workable solutions there may be for this provision.”

Carmarthenshire Count Council leader Darren Price added: “I’m extremely disappointed at the loss of a great and valued service. Many residents in the north of the county and within our rural communities will be left high and dry by this decision – and I have real concern it will leave some unable to do the essentials in life, such as travelling to work, accessing medicines and food.

“There’s a duty on Welsh Government to urgently provide clarity on their intentions to support rural communities on their transport needs in light of this decision.”

The Bwcabus is due to finish on October 31.