A LOCAL community has launched a car sharing club in an effort to tackle both the climate emergency and cost-of-living crisis.

Residents in Dinefwr can sign up to the Dinefwr Car Club and do their bit for the community and environment.

The club is one of a number of clubs launched as part of TrydaNi, a Wales-wide network of electric vehicle (EV) car clubs and the service will work through a bilingual app and website to allow members to book and pay for their use of vehicles.

South Wales Guardian: Dinefwr Car Club

This means that they can access an EV car from a local community hub for a fee, reducing the number of petrol/diesel cars on the road, saving the individual money on petrol or diesel and allowing more freedom for movement.

Sioned Haf, a local coordinator, said: “We know that the best way to tackle climate change is through community-led initiatives. Through signing up to the Dinefwr Car Club, members are joining a wider movement in the transition to a zero-carbon energy system, pioneering a new model for car ownership, reducing fossil fuels and transport costs.”

The project is being supported by Ynni Sir Gâr, a community energy group in Carmarthenshire which works to help communities decarbonise.

The car club will allow people access to an EV and is available to everyone aged between 25 and 70 with a clean driving licence. People over 70 can apply but will need to supply further information to comply with the club’s insurance policy.

Car clubs offer a novel solution to the cost-of-living crisis by rethinking car ownership and how people travel which leads to a reduction in costs. COMO UK research showed that 20 per cent of car club members are not able to own a car because they cannot afford it, but the car club provides them access to a vehicle.

Anyone interested in joining the Dinefwr Car Club can do so through the TrydaNi website https://chargeplacewales.org/ or by contacting Ynni Sir Gâr.