A GWENDRAETH Valley musician will be releasing a single dedicated to his hometown in September.

Alt rock/pop artist ‘nwnos’ will release single Waterloo Road on September 1.

The single began life as a song about the loss of singer/songwriter Idrys Dan’s friend but quickly turned into reminiscing about childhood growing up on Waterloo Road in Penygroes.

“I guess the song came about from the pressure of everyday adult life and a sense of desperation,” Idrys told the South Wales Guardian.

“Work, bills, car breakdowns, ill health, loneliness. All of the usual things that can bring an adult down.

“I started to think about how nice it would be to be transported back in time to be with my childhood friends in Penygroes, just as we were then. Young and carefree with nothing but hope in our hearts.

“We were a pretty close bunch and quite philosophical. We would hang around the village talking about the meaning of life and such things for hours on end.

"I always felt that I could be completely honest with my friends about anything that was troubling me and that they would always be there to help make me feel better and sometimes solve the problem!

“And looking back it really was the time of my life.”

South Wales Guardian: nwnos' new single Waterloo Road will be released on September 1. Picture: Idrys Dan

Idrys has teamed up with guitarist/producer Trevor Stainsby in 2022 for ‘nwnos’, with inspiration from the rolling hills of Cambria and the magic of nature and the supernatural as a backdrop, to tell stories of life, love, death and everything else.

On nwnos, Idrys said: “The style of nwnos cannot be easily placed into a genre. If pressed, we would have to say alternative rock and pop.

"We just want to write good songs and tend to let the song inform the sound and style from the start.

“With the ‘do it yourself’ ethos of punk and new wave, nwnos aim to create authentic music with meaningful lyrics.”

The artwork for Waterloo Road is a homemade ink drawing of the street.

“We are excited to be releasing our second single and are thrilled to have worked with Sophie Kirk Harris and Ben Montaigue on the recording.”

Waterloo Road by nwnos will be available on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube from September 1.