AN AMERICAN band will be in Cardiff in August.

The Aces, who recently released their third album I’ve Loved You for So Long through Red Bull Records in June, will be performing at Cardiff’s The Globe on August 29.

They will be bringing their sparkling indie-rock to Cardiff and celebrating the release of the album, which is their most personal work to date.

Over the three years between the 2020 release of second album Under My Influence and the release of I’ve Loved You for So Long, The Aces have been on a journey of self-discovery, using the time in quarantine to reflect, confront their personal mental health issues and processing experiences they had growing up as part of the Mormon church in Provo, Utah.

On the record, they discuss themes of mental health, self-sabotage, love, longing and heartbreak. Speaking on the creation of the album, lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez said: “We started making it in 2020 after we’d put out our second record Under My Influence. I was having really bad panic attacks and we just wanted to get in the studio to reconnect with our love of music and our love of what we do. We also just wanted to create something in such a chaotic time.

“So it kind of just came about organically where we started talking about my mental health which then set off this whole journey of self-reflection, as in where my anxiety was coming from, as I’ve always been really anxious. That led us all to start reflecting on our youth, where we all grew up and what it was like to grow up there closeted and queer in what was a repressive and religious town as four women in a band.

“That’s how the record took shape and once we knew we had a story to tell, things got more intentional.”

On the upcoming headline tour - which sees the quartet return to the UK after a run supporting The Vamps - bassist McKenna Petty said: “We’re so excited about it. It’s really blowing up already, as we’ve just upgraded the shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow, so it’s the biggest UK run we’ve ever done. We’re so looking forward to it.”

The Aces will be at The Globe, Cardiff on August 29. Tickets are available at